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Welcome to Our Blog. We designed it to cover topics that Oakland Chiropractic patients and prospective patients have about health, healing and wellbeing. Enjoy and share any comments, suggestions or requests you may have so that we can serve you as best as we can.

How Neck Misalignment Causes Headaches
Using Chiropractic to Move Beyond Migraine and Headache Pain IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE MILLIONS OF MIGRAINE SUFFERERS LIVING[...]
Conquer Your Chronic Stress With This Simple Strategy
Stress dominance for extended period of time—NOT GOOD Body doesn't know whether you are running for your life, arguing with[...]
Why Car Accident Injuries Require Chiropractic Care
Cell Phones Lead to Car Accident InjuriesPreparing a Plan in Case of  Car Accident Injuries CAR ACCIDENTS ARE ON THE RISE, DUE[...]
Chiropractic Care: A Movement Packed Formula For Everyone
Some people want to do something to improve their health before the stress gets the best of them. Others look[...]
Do You Have A Curve In Your Spine After A Car Accident?
It is Common to have a Sore Body After A Car AccidentNeck and back pain are common after even minor[...]
The Truth About Pain and Healing
“Thank you, you fixed me.”  As chiropractors, this is something we often hear. But it isn’t entirely accurate. Wouldn’t it[...]
How Healthy Is Your Spine?
Were you recently involved in a car accident? Do you suffer from deteriorating vision, eye pain, light sensitivity or tearing?[...]
[Full Review] Wellness Essentials, Chronic Illness and Physiological Adaptation
Connect with UsWe offer late hours and Saturday appointments. Make an appointment to see your Oakland Chiropractor today!Wellness Essentials, Chronic Illness[...]
What Quality Oakland Chiropractic Care Looks Like
Oakland Chiropractic Care Educates You on Self-Care Moving toward health and healing doesn’t just stop when you get off a chiropractor’s[...]
Wellness Essentials: The Water Shift
Some of the ways we personally hydrate is with a pure effect water filter. You can learn more about it[...]
Wellness Essentials: The Movement Shift
How Movement Patterns Shape the BodyModern living puts a lot of stress and strain on the body that over time[...]
All About Chiropractic Wellness
Chiropractors at The Shift Help You to Stay Healthy in the Long Term Disease does not spontaneously happen. It takes[...]
How Chiropractic Care Helps Severe Sports Injuries
Long sessions of consistent training can lead to strain and stress on different parts of your body. You might have[...]
Concussions And Chiropractic: Getting Athletes Back In The Game
How Chiropractic Adjustments Help the Brain Recover from a ConcussionIf you or your child are an athlete, and you’ve suffered[...]
7 Strategies To Optimal Spinal Health
How do you define wellness? Chiropractic has its own unique definition, one that this quote describes perfectly: “WELLNESS IS ABOUT[...]
Insights into your Oakland Chiropractors and their Approach
COST With rising costs in Oakland and less insurance coverage being offered, we have made strides to keep our prices[...]
3 Highly Effective Exercises To Shift Your Text Neck
Weight of strain from text neck. What is Text Neck? Text neck is a condition that develops from extended periods[...]

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